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Senate passes bill to clear up duties of State Board of Education, Department of Education and Super

The Arizona State Senate today passed SB 1416, a bill that defines and clarifies the powers and duties of the State Board of Education, the Arizona Department of Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The bill is a follow-up to a bill passed by the Senate last year and supported by all three entities at that time.

After last year’s bill died in the House of Representatives, Sen. Jeff Dial and Senate staff researched state statutes and found several instances that appeared to conflict. SB 1416 builds upon last year’s agreed-upon bill, and provides a coherent set of provisions, clearing up the roles of the State Board, Dept. of Education and Schools Superintendent.

“My hope is that SB 1416 will help end all of the conflict between the Department of Education and the State Board,” said Sen. Dial. “This effort has never been about removing or adding powers to one office or another. It’s about cleaning up a lot of inconsistencies that have grown over the years.”

“The Superintendent has made public pronouncements in the past few weeks criticizing SB 1416. I’ve made numerous efforts to meet with the Superintendent, and as this bill moves to the House for consideration, my office door remains open for her to meet and discuss any concerns she may have.”

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