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With Hobbs’ Continued Executive Overreach, Senate Nominations Hearing Canceled, Meeting Requested


Monday, June 26, 2023

With Hobbs’ Continued Executive Overreach, Senate Nominations Hearing Canceled, Meeting Requested Over Concerns of Future Unilateral Dictates

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— In the wake of Katie Hobbs' recent unconstitutional executive order on abortions, Senate Committee on Director Nominations Chairman Jake Hoffman is canceling Tuesday's scheduled hearing, with support of the Republican Majority serving on the committee, to determine Hobbs' future intentions to further act beyond her authority.

The concerning executive order issued last week attempts to strip county attorneys of their ability to deal with abortion-related prosecutions and bans state agencies from assisting in those investigations.

Chairman Hoffman, along with Committee Members President Pro Tempore T.J. Shope and Majority Whip Sine Kerr, sent a letter to Hobbs today requesting an immediate meeting to address this flagrant abuse of power and to discuss future legally questionable overreach her office intends to issue requiring complicity from Executive Directors.

"Katie Hobbs' reckless abuse of power and willful disregard for the separation of powers established by the Arizona Constitution sets a dangerous precedent that will not be tolerated by the Republican Majority within the Legislature," said Senator Hoffman. "The Senate Committee on Director Nominations was created to honestly, accurately and thoroughly vet directors appointed by the Governor to critical state agencies so that only highly qualified, non-partisan individuals seeking only to serve the best interests of our citizens within the confines of these roles are confirmed. Their duty is to follow statute as prescribed by the Legislature. We are now forced to redirect our attention, from confirming directors and creating good policy for the people of Arizona, to examining the fallout of Hobbs' unconstitutional maneuver, as well as the likelihood of future overreaches of her authority.”

"Hobbs undermining our democracy by ordering these state agency Directors to act illegally is a clear violation of the constitutional separation of powers," said Senator Shope. "Instead of working with Republican lawmakers on the issues that matter to our citizens, like crippling inflation, gas prices, housing costs, public safety and water security, Hobbs is gleefully attempting to circumvent the Legislature. We can't in good faith be an accomplice to her radical and unlawful agenda."

"We have serious concerns this Governor will put her Directors in the difficult position of choosing to follow the law or choosing to follow her unconstitutional directives," said Senator Kerr. "The important work of the Committee on Director Nominations cannot continue until we have assurances from the Governor that she will cease her attempts to circumvent the laws of this state and the rulings of the United States Supreme Court."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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