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State Board of Education implements reforms to Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

Friday, October 30, 2020


State Board of Education implements reforms to Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

(Phoenix, State Capitol) ---- The Arizona State Board of Education this week implemented reforms to the Empowerment Scholarship Account Programs (ESA), prompted by

SB 1224, sponsored by Senate Education Chair Sylvia Allen and signed by Governor Ducey in March. A key component in the new law provides parents with more purchasing options, including computer hardware, educational apps and more individualized curriculum choices. SB 1224 also increased transparency and administrative accountability for parents on ESA rules and policies.

"I am pleased to see the expediated actions taken by the State Board," said President Karen Fann. "Senator Allen worked extensively with stakeholders to develop reforms to expand educational opportunities for ESA families and to create more efficiency in the administrative process. She listened to families to learn what would help them as they used this important program to secure the best educational opportunities for their children. I am so happy the State Board of Education is making this a reality."

The State Board of Education spent the past six months soliciting public feedback on the proposed changes, through a series of parent forums, public meetings and surveys. Through this extensive outreach, the Board ensured that concerns of ESA students and their families were addressed as the final rulemaking was completed.

"It's important that this transparent and inclusive process continues even after these reforms are in place," said President Fann. "The Arizona Department of Education and the State Board of Education should implement an ongoing process improvement strategy through input from ESA parents on how to better serve families."


For more information, contact:

Mike Philipsen, Director of Communications

Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

Cell (602) 904-2070

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