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Senate Republicans Pass Crucial Legislation to Provide Law Enforcement with Tools to Protect Arizonans from Biden's Border Invasion

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024   


Senate Republicans Pass Crucial Legislation to Provide Law Enforcement with Tools to Protect Arizonans from Biden's Border Invasion


PHOENIX, ARIZONA— As the overwhelming majority of people who illegally cross the Mexico border continue to enter the United States through Arizona, Senate Republicans remain steadfast in providing law enforcement the tools needed to protect our citizens from the influx of crime created by Biden's border invasion. Today, two critical bills advanced out of the Senate.


SB 1231, known as the Arizona Border Invasion Act, establishes in Arizona statute three border-related crimes with subsequent punishments. Local, county, or state law enforcement officers would be granted authority to arrest any non-US citizens who enter Arizona from anywhere but a lawful entrance point, as well as those who have already been removed from our country or denied entry, and those who have previously been ordered to leave but are refusing to comply.


"Every single day Joe Biden allows this invasion at our southern border to continue, the lives of Arizonans remain in grave danger," said Senator Janae Shamp (R-29), sponsor of SB 1231. "Right now, law enforcement can't do their jobs to protect our citizens from the overwhelming cases of human smuggling, child sex trafficking, rapes, murders, deadly fentanyl, high-speed chases, and other heinous acts carried out by the large numbers of criminals allowed to freely enter our country through the Arizona-Mexico border. I'm grateful to my Republican colleagues who understand the necessity of this legislation, and I'm disgusted all Senate Democrats voted against the bill and showed their acceptance of the federal government's failure to keep our communities safe."


SB 1408, known as the Aggravated Unlawful Flight bill, creates tougher penalties for drivers who endanger the life of another person while attempting to flee law enforcement, prompting a high-speed chase. The bill also creates greater penalties against drivers who cause harm to another person during a high-speed chase, or those who are transporting a child under the age of 15.


"Like many other Arizona families, I lie awake at night concerned my child, my wife, or another loved one could be caught in the crossfire of a high-speed chase at any given time," said Senator David Gowan (R-19), sponsor of SB 1408. "We must send a firm message to these human traffickers and drug smugglers that fleeing our law enforcement at reckless speeds and endangering our citizens' lives will not be tolerated. God bless our county sheriffs, deputies, state troopers, local police, border patrol agents, and other law enforcement personnel who are on the frontlines fighting this border crisis. I'm hopeful we can get these commonsense bills signed into law to protect our communities."



For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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