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Senator Griffin's SB 1184, designed to restore funding to the Arizona Geological Survey, heads t

The Arizona Senate has voted to restore the budget of the Arizona Geological Survey — cut last year when Gov. Doug Ducey and the Legislature moved it to the University of Arizona without any dedicated funding.

Sen. Gail Griffin, R-Sierra Vista, said she doesn't have any agreement with the governor for restoration, but wants the Legislature to put the money back in the budget for what she calls "an important state agency that is world-renowned for what they do."

The Senate passed the measure 28-2 on Feb. 23 and transmitted the bill to the House.

Griffin said the survey performs critical services for the state's mining industry and real estate sector by mapping minerals and keeping track of earth fissures caused by subsidence from groundwater pumping.

The state's mining and real estate organizations supported the bill, along with geological associations.

Griffin also cited the survey's network of earthquake sensors and its work to create national networks of geology information. "They are not just a state treasure," she said.

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