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Statement from Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita regarding the concerns surrounding the Nov 3rd election

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Statement from Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita regarding the concerns surrounding the November 3rd election and how she intends to address them in the upcoming legislative session

"Since the election on November 3rd there has been a wide array of reactions to the results, including allegations of voting irregularities, voter suppression and vote tampering, to name a few. Election integrity and confidence in the administration of our elections is of paramount importance to the foundation of our democracy. Many of the concerns regarding the management and oversight of our election system are not new and are issues I have been actively trying to address for the last several years.

As a result of those efforts, Senate President Karen Fann appointed me as Chairman of the Government Committee, which has jurisdiction over elections and election-related issues. I want to take this opportunity to let the public know I have received many of your calls and emails regarding the outcome of the latest election and I understand your concerns. Therefore, in my capacity as Government Chairman, I intend to utilize my committee hearings to allow for ample opportunity to take testimony from stakeholders such as County Recorders, County Supervisors, the Secretary of State’s office, vendor representatives, poll workers and, of course, members of the public.

These are complex issues, requiring significant time and effort if they are to be meaningfully addressed. I look forward to working with my Senate committee members and counterparts in the House to properly vet these issues in a formal, transparent and organized way. Continuing to do things just because that is how they have always been done is not acceptable. Whether it is modernizing our election software and equipment, improving the timeliness of election results, updating our voter rolls, or reducing the opportunity for fraud and undue influence, Arizona voters deserve to have an election system they not only believe in, but want to participate in. Our democracy is only as strong as our fair and free elections and I am committed to restoring public confidence in the process and outcomes of our elections."


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Dec 05, 2020

The company that owns Dominion is owned by China. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out what's going on. This is a Communist take over before the 'Great Reset like China's Mao Tse Tung's 'Great Leap Forward'. We all should know what happened in China during that Great Leap Forward. Mao killed 80+ million of his own people. The Great Reset is to rain in the One World Government, planned a long time ago.

This is life or death.


Paul Hartman
Nov 30, 2020

I haven't watched the news in about 6 months. Ever since they started lying about covid. So, if you are already doing something about the election, thank you. If you have not, you need to completely demand the dems to prove they have vetted every ballot and show the counting process was totally transparent. I knew of a guy that received 18 ballots in the mail because he moved quite a few times. If this election is allowed to stand, we will have lost our country. We will be just another banana republic.

PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!!! By the way, the republicans on the MCBofS are all going to be voted out, as will every republican that isn't fightin…


Nov 29, 2020

You are going to have to take your efforts up about 100 levels! ITS TIME TO RUSSLE SOME FEATHERS! I want to hear your name on the news because you’re making so much noise! THIS IS YOUR JOB! We need you to go above and beyond NOW!


Nov 29, 2020

We do not have "time" to explore all this now. Immediately address the issues that you need to address in order to correct the votes for Pres Trump and Sen McSally!


Nov 26, 2020

My name is Dana Kraemer a registered voter in Maricopa County, AZ. I am demanding a full audit and recount of all 50 states.

The election has not been certified in any states yet. The fraud and irregularities are being investigated for example dumping votes after the deadline in the middle of the night; voter machine glitch/feature giving Biden all the votes; dead people voting; non verified signatures; illegal votes; tampering of numbers; poll watchers being banned and God only knows what else.

Stop the Fraudulent Steal of the Election 2020!!

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