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Statement from Senate Republicans on audit of election equipment, ballots

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Statement from Senate Republicans on audit of election equipment, ballots

"On Friday, a Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Senate, that its subpoenas are legal and enforceable, and the Senate is entitled to audit voting equipment and ballots used in the November election. Monday, the Senate received notice of the imminent delivery of those machines and ballots. We were shocked when we were told that attorneys for the Maricopa County Board recommended doing something like this, potentially breaking the chain of custody of the ballots. The attorney for the Senate immediately contacted the county, reasserting that the Senate felt the best way to maintain the security of machines and ballots was to leave them at the county and have the independent auditors come to them, as was done with the first two audits.

President Fann and Board Chairman Jack Sellers are keeping in close contact, working on a mutual arrangement to keep the ballots safe and secure as the firm performs a detailed audit while ensuring the people's ballots are secure. Our citizens expect nothing less."


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21. März 2021


VERIFY – that ALL voter signatures were PROPERELY verified?

VERIFY - that all ballots cast were legally cast.

VERIFY – that late ballots were not illegally counted.

VERIFY – that ALL voting data AT TIME OF ELECTION was NOT manipulated.

VERIFY - that ALL voting equipment MEETS requirements of state and federal law

Gefällt mir

15. März 2021

Every single ballot - all 2.1 million must be included in this forensic audit. Anything less than that will not instill faith in our voting system. Who does this audit is of utmost importance, and the American people will be watching to validate there is NO connection between the group that does the audit and the people in office (financial gain).

Gefällt mir

04. März 2021

100% Full Audit of the Maricopa County Election! All 2.1MM Ballots! Full Transparency, proving Free and Fair Elections, are critical to trusting in the system. Whatever the outcome, we must know exactly what happened on November 3rd.

Gefällt mir
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