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Statement from Senate President Karen Fann on the integrity of the election in Arizona

Monday, November 9, 2020


Statement from Senate President Karen Fann

on the integrity of the election in Arizona

"Today I sent a letter to Secretary of State Hobbs, calling for an independent expert to evaluate all data related to the tabulation of votes in the 2020 General Election. The people of Arizona must know their votes were lawfully counted and the election was completely legitimate.

A number of parties have made claims of fraud and corruption. An independent investigation would go a long way if we hope to alleviate claims that the election was conducted unfairly.

In addition, I support the call by the Arizona Attorney General's Office to expand the hand count audit in Maricopa County to five percent of the voting center locations. This should also help alleviate concern among the public in the vote tabulation process.

As I stated in my letter to Secretary Hobbs, I am not claiming fraud was involved in Arizona's election, but we must do everything we can to satisfy Arizonans that the count was lawfully done."



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Dec 13, 2020

We won’t forget how the Republicans let us down in the state of Arizona not decertifying a crooked election. That’s right from the Republican governor on down you have let us down. Republicans seem more worried about your parking places and your perks than a honest vote process.


Paul Hartman
Dec 01, 2020

If any of you Republicans want to win another election, you had better do everything in your power, and then some, to expose the fraud and keep President Trump in office! Is it true you and the speaker denied the Republicans access to the house so they had to meet in a hotel? That would be a very bad move. What some of you "Republicans" don't understand is, the vote was for Trump not you! Any "Republican" that doesn't do everything to stop this election fraud is guilty of fraud themselves and will be voted out in the next election. That will be the last time most of us will vote!

It should be simple, make the libs prove all…

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