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Senator Shope commends settlement reached in Johnson Utilities case

Friday, January 29, 2021


Senator Shope commends settlement reached in Johnson Utilities case

(Phoenix, State Capitol) --- Nearly 70,000 water customers in Florence, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley have a more certain water future, after the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) reached settlements in the Johnson Utilities case. Residents in the area have been dealing with water shortages and overflowing sewers for years. The ACC ordered a removal of management of Johnson Utilities in 2018, and EPCOR USA began serving as interim manager of the utility. In December, regulators approved a sale to EPCOR, and this week a settlement agreement was reached between the ACC, ADEQ and EPCOR to finalize the purchase.

Many of these water customers live in LD-8, and Senator T. J. Shope believes they'll now have safe and reliable water service moving forward. "No one should have to go through what these folks have endured," said Senator Shope. "But this utility nightmare is finally over. The taps will work, and wastewater service will be reliable."

The agreement includes a financial plan for a new wastewater treatment facility, savings to ratepayers for prior equipment purchases, and a compliance plan for drinking water and wastewater facilities.

“We’re very pleased to be moving forward with a new chapter for these customers and communities,” said EPCOR USA President Joe Gysel. “Leaders like Senator Shope have been an important voice and advocate for their communities and customers throughout this process and we look forward to bringing the service and reliability these customers need and deserve.”


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29 ene 2021

The most important task that you face is a thorough and complete audit of all of the voting in Maricopa County - Dominion machines, tabulators and paper ballots.

If we do not get the facts to follow up on what Guilliani/Powell and Woods revealed, then nothing else you do will matter. I'll help!

Me gusta
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