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Senator Leach files brief in Arizona Board of Regents hotel case

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Senator Leach files brief in Arizona Board of Regents hotel case

(Phoenix, State Capitol) --- Senator Vince Leach has a filed an Amicus Brief in a case before the Arizona Court of Appeals. The case involves the Arizona Board of Regents attempting to transfer a Tempe property to Omni Hotels, in a way to keep the state's tax exemption on the property and therefore allow Omni not to pay property taxes.

"This gimmick not only allows a large corporation to avoid taxes it would normally pay, but the financial burden would fall on my constituents and taxpayers across the state," said Senator Leach. "Allowing this transaction would result in an unfair shifting of tax burdens."

Amicus Briefs can be filed in an appellate court case by people who are not litigants in the case but have an interest in the case or subject matter. In this case, the transaction would alter tax revenue streams and affect fiscal and tax planning by the State Legislature, along with counties, cities and school districts.

"It's important we get guidance from the court on this scheme," said Senator Leach. "We are trying to build a balanced budget for the state, and the Legislature needs to know whether a major transaction such as this one is appropriate and legal."


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