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Senator Kern Continues to Fight Against the Deadly Fentanyl Crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Senator Kern Continues to Fight Against the Deadly Fentanyl Crisis

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— In an effort to combat the deadly fentanyl crisis within Arizona and hold drug dealers accountable, Senator Anthony Kern (R-27) sponsored SB 1029 (felony murder; fentanyl; sentencing). Today, this bill passed the Senate with full Republican support, but all Democrats except for one, voted against the measure.

If signed into law, SB 1029 would make sure those involved in trafficking fentanyl that results in a death would be charged with first-degree murder.

Fentanyl is the most common substance found in opioid deaths in the state of Arizona, and while we're seeing a record-number of these pills being seized by law enforcement, overdose deaths continue to skyrocket. According to the CDC, just last year alone, overdose deaths in Arizona increased by a whopping 41%. "The numbers speak for itself. Trafficking fentanyl is a deadly issue in our state that is only growing and tearing families apart," said Senator Kern. "These lethal pills are infiltrating our schools and communities. As a result, young and innocent people are losing their lives. Less than two months ago, a three-year-old Apache Junction boy died after he ingested this poison. We need to put an end to these tragic deaths, which is why drug dealers should be held accountable with strict charges of murder. It's unfortunate that only a single Democratic Senator saw the value in fighting for what's right and voted yes on the bill."

SB 1029 will now proceed through the House legislative process, and if it receives the same support there, it will be sent to the Governor's desk for her signature.


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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