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Senate Republicans support Executive Order on in-person learning

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Senate Republicans support Executive Order on in-person learning

"Republicans in the Arizona Senate are strongly supporting Governor Ducey's Executive Order issued today, requiring schools to offer in-person learning in Arizona. The majority of schools in the state are open and offering in-person learning, but many schools are keeping their doors shut and preventing students from receiving a full educational experience. Public health leaders have been calling for in-person learning to return across Arizona. They're following the science, and they know for most students, in-person is the best option.

Our schools are following CDC guidelines and providing a safe environment. Our teachers have been given priority to receive vaccinations. The longer schools wait to return, the farther behind our students will fall.

Families who are apprehensive may continue to have their students participate in virtual instruction. It's time for those families who want in-person instruction to be able to receive it."


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Mar 04, 2021

100% Full Audit of the Maricopa Election! All 2.1MM Ballots! Full Transparency proving Free and Fair Elections are critical to trusting in the system. Whatever the outcome, we must know exactly what happened on November 3rd.

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