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Senate Republicans Provide Update on Budget, Water, Other Critical Negotiations Continuing in Coming Weeks of Fifty-sixth Legislature, Second Regular Session

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024   

Senate Republicans Provide Update on Budget, Water, Other Critical Negotiations Continuing in Coming Weeks of Fifty-sixth Legislature, Second Regular Session  


PHOENIX, ARIZONA— With the 100th day of session approaching on April 16, Senate Republicans are working diligently over the next several weeks to wrap up all outstanding work and negotiations behind-the-scenes on remaining bills, as well as a fiscally conservative state budget.


The Senate has approximately 40 bills left that need to be finalized and voted on, including important reforms for our water supply. The Senate has led negotiations on solutions for water management in both rural and urban Arizona. On rural groundwater, Senator Sine Kerr has convened weekly meetings with Republican and Democrat leadership, along with Governor's staff and the Department of Water Resources, to refine SB 1221. These meetings will continue until a solution has been negotiated. In urban areas, the Senate has hosted more than a dozen meetings with over 30 stakeholders, including the Governor’s Office, to provide three additional tools that protect the assured water supply program while increasing housing supply options across the valley. SB 1181 provides a cost-efficient glide path for new designated providers, while SB 1081 and SB 1172 transition farmland to housing development with immense water savings. The Senate intends to send these three assured water supply bills to the Governor's desk next week.


Work continues on bills for continuation of our important state agencies, including necessary reforms and improvements indicated by recent audits from the Arizona Auditor General.


Negotiations are being finalized for the "Teacher Pay Fund" plan to deliver salary increases for K-12 public school teachers. These ballot referrals are expected to undergo final consideration by the Legislature within the coming weeks.


Critical legislation to safeguard Arizonans from crime associated with Biden's border invasion remains a central focus for lawmakers. Bills protecting our citizens and empowering law enforcement will be sent to the Governor's desk soon. In the event the Governor fails to approve these pieces of border-related legislation, Republican lawmakers will strategize to put these bills on the November ballot for voters to decide upon. Republican leadership is also currently considering which remaining referrals voters will see on their ballot this year.


After months of stalling from the Governor's office, budget negotiations between the Legislature and the Executive began last week. Meetings will happen regularly until a consensus has been reached.


"With necessary negotiations on bills, state agency continuations, and a state budget, there is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes business that will need to be conducted at the Legislature between leadership and the appropriations teams before lawmakers can vote on any remaining reforms or proposals. As a result, we will only call all lawmakers in for floor proceedings on a weekly basis, as finalized legislation becomes available for a vote," said Senate President Warren Petersen. "Out of respect for everyone's time, other off-campus work, and family obligations, we are allowing lawmakers to tend to those commitments. With the Governor's cooperation, we're hopeful we can wrap up the session within the next month."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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defeated hapless
Jul 08

Important legislation to protect Arizonans from crimes related to Biden's border invasion continues to be a top priority for legislators. Soon, legislation bolstering law enforcement and safeguarding civilians will be delivered to the governor's desk. Should the Governor not sign these border-related proposals into law, Republican legislators will plan to place these bills on the November ballot for public vote. foodle

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