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Senate Majority Leadership Team Advises Members of Per Diem Opt Out Opportunity During Recess


Monday, June 19, 2023

Senate Majority Leadership Team Advises Members of

Per Diem Opt Out Opportunity During Legislative Recess

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— The Senate Majority Leadership Team is reminding Senate members of their opportunity to opt out of 'per diem' or subsistence payments during this current legislative recess.

Members of the Legislature earn an annual salary of $24,000 per year for their service. However, A.R.S § 41-1104 allows members to collect subsistence pay for each day the Legislature is in session, which may be used on living expenses, such as lodging and meals. After 120 days of session, which was May 9, members who live in Maricopa County collect $10 per day, while members who live outside of Maricopa county collect $119 per day.

Under subsection D of A.R.S § 41-1104, "each member of the Legislature may elect to opt out of receiving subsistence payments." At the time the Legislator submits a request to opt out of their subsistence payments, they may identify an end date for that request.

The Senate adjourned on the evening of Tuesday, June 13 and will reconvene on Monday, July 31. If all 30 members receive subsistence pay during this eight-week period, this would cost the State a total of $83,944, before taxes. However, had the Legislative session ended the week of June 13, the maximum cost to the State would have been a total of $36,960, as members may receive subsistence payments during the interim.


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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01 oct. 2023

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