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Sen. Republicans Reduce Spending, Provide Historic Tax Rebates and Stop Extremist Agenda with Budget

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, May 12, 2023

Senate Republicans Reduce Spending, Provide Historic Tax Rebates to Families, Protect School Choice and Stop Democrats' Extremist Agenda with 2023-2024 Budget

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Senate Republicans are celebrating the passage of a fiscally conservative and balanced 2023-2024 state budget that cuts spending while providing inflation relief to the hardworking families of Arizona who are suffering from skyrocketing prices. The $17.8 billion plan reallocates dollars to increase funding for Arizona's K-12 public schools, teachers and students, while safeguarding families enrolled in the universal Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program. It also provides money for targeted investments on a number of critical transportation and infrastructure projects and maintains funding for key priorities such as water, public safety and health care.

"Arizona families have been crippled by reckless policies from the Democrat-controlled federal government, which have led to soaring gas prices, food prices, climbing interest rates and supply chain issues. I'm happy to report that because of the conservative Republican policies implemented at the state-level over the past 10 years, Arizona is in a strong economic position to give back to its citizens to help offset these rising costs," said Senate President Warren Petersen.

"As part of the budget plan, for the first time in at least three decades, Republican Legislators are providing Arizona families with one-time tax rebates," said Senate Appropriations Vice Chairman Jake Hoffman. " We hope this money will make life a little easier for our hard-working citizens as we approach the Christmas holiday season. Each qualifying household will receive $250 for each dependent under the age of 17, or $100 for each dependent 17 and older, capped at three dependents. Valued at a total of $260 million dollars, these rebates are expected to be sent out in fall 2023."

"Senate Republicans are also prioritizing public safety funding and providing our men and women in law enforcement with the essential tools needed to successfully protect our citizens,” said Senate Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh. “We’re investing nearly $300 million, which will provide upgrades to communications systems, uniforms, vehicles and other critical resources. With our open border crisis, this support is crucial in combating the potential increase in deadly drugs and criminal activity anticipated within our state.”

"We're able to do this for our citizens, while also reducing government spending by $300 million. In fact, this is the first budget since 2017 where we have not added any new ongoing spending above formula increases," said President Petersen. "Additionally, Senate Republicans prevented the Governor and Democrat Legislators from advancing their extremist agenda. State-funded abortions and tuition-free college education for undocumented immigrants will not happen in Arizona. We are not getting rid of state-funded border security resources to keep our communities safe, especially as the Biden Administration foolishly lifts Title 42. We're also not capping, cutting or eliminating the historic universal school choice program that now has more than 50,000 participants. Needless to say, your Republican Majority at the Legislature will continue to fight to protect Arizona from turning into California at the hands of the radical left."

The FY 2023 budget includes the following investments:

Education: $680 million in new education investments, including a $300 million infusion into K-12, an $88 million ongoing increase to per pupil funding, and $183 million for school capital funding

Public Safety: $256 million, including operational investments for the Departments of Corrections, Public Safety, and Emergency and Military Affairs, as well as $36 million in local sheriff and police department support

Transportation: $610 million in state and local transportation projects, including $89 million to expand lanes on the I-10, $76 million to expand lanes on the I-17, as well as $54 million in pavement rehabilitation for roads affected by winter weather

Tax Cuts: $260 million for the Arizona Families Tax Rebate, which will provide up to $750 to taxpayers with children and adult dependents

Health and Welfare: $342 million, including $150 million for the Housing Trust Fund to develop more affordable housing, $60 million for emergency homeless services and temporary shelters, as well as $14 million specifically allocated for veteran housing and employment services

Natural Resources: $174 million in natural resource investments, including $143 million in reallocated funding for targeted water-related projects

To see an entire breakdown of the FY 2024 State of Arizona budget bills, go to


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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