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Republican-Led Legislature Bypasses Katie Hobbs, Approves Secure the Border Act to Empower Arizonans to Take Action

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024


Republican-Led Legislature Bypasses Katie Hobbs,

Approves Secure the Border Act to Empower Arizonans to Take Action


PHOENIX, ARIZONA— After Joe Biden, Katie Hobbs, and Arizona Democrat lawmakers intentionally and irresponsibly blocked all efforts to safeguard our citizens against the rampant crime associated with the border crisis currently threatening our national security, Senate Republicans are relieved to announce the Secure the Border Act officially passed the Arizona Legislature today and will head to the ballot for voters to approve this November.


Also known as HCR 2060, the Secure the Border Act is similar to Texas' SB 4 and would provide local, county, and state law enforcement the authority to arrest individuals who are non-U.S. citizens entering Arizona from Mexico outside of a lawful port of entry. SB 4 is currently on hold as it's being litigated in federal court. If upheld by the courts and if Arizona voters support the Secure the Border Act in November, this specific provision of the bill would take effect in Arizona 60 days after implementation in Texas.


Other provisions in the bill, not contingent on court rulings, include harsher penalties for drug dealers trafficking fentanyl across the border that leads to an overdose death of a person. It will also establish a state crime of any individuals living in Arizona illegally who knowingly submit false information or documents to apply for government benefits or apply for employment. Lastly, it will require state agencies administering benefits to use the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program, in addition to current state verification systems when determining eligibility of non-U.S. citizens.


"In the 12 years I've served here at the Arizona Legislature, never has the border crisis been as dangerously severe as it is now, costing Arizona taxpayers more than $3 billion in 2023 alone," said Senate President Warren Petersen. "As soon as Joe Biden took office, he rolled out the welcome mat for illegal crossings and criminal activity. Now, just months away from an election, he issues yet another executive order so that we'll all of a sudden believe he cares about the chaos he's constructed. The citizens of this state aren't buying it, and they will take border security matters into their own hands this November."


"With every veto, and with every 'no' vote against our border security bills, the Governor and Arizona Democrat Legislators have neglected the safety of our citizens. With every terrorist allowed to cross our wide-open border, the federal government has neglected the safety of our citizens," said Senator Janae Shamp. "The time has come to empower Arizonans to fight back against the tyranny. I wholeheartedly believe the Secure the Border Act will save countless lives, save billions in taxpayer dollars, and strengthen our national security. We must stop the invasion now, otherwise, our beloved Arizona as we know it will be no more."


"The cartels have teamed up with our country's biggest enemies, like China and Russia, and they are determined to destroy America. Law enforcement knows this, but they can't stop them while the federal government is actively working against us," said Senator David Gowan. "With Joe Biden's latest executive order allowing 2500 illegals into our country per day, nearly one million in a year, it's up to everyday Arizonans to stop the lawlessness. I'm pleased the Secure the Border Act is heading to the ballot, so that our citizens can provide our sheriffs with the help they need to combat this invasion and protect our communities."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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