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Republican Lawmakers Announce "Teacher Pay Fund" Plan to Deliver Salary Increases For K-12 Teachers


Monday, November 13, 2023

Republican Lawmakers Announce "Teacher Pay Fund" Plan to Deliver

Salary Increases For K-12 Public School Teachers

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— In an effort to provide Arizona kids with a great education and a quality teacher at the front of every classroom, Senate and House Republicans are announcing the "Teacher Pay Fund" plan, designed to deliver K-12 public school educators with an average of 7% pay raises, all without increasing taxes.

Last session, Republican state lawmakers provided inflationary relief to families with the Arizona Families Tax Rebate, as well as inflationary relief to tenants by eliminating the tenant paid rental tax. In the upcoming Fifty-sixth Legislature- Second Regular Session, we will remain laser-focused on tackling inflation by addressing gas prices, housing costs, and teacher pay raises.

Today, Republican state lawmakers are highlighting a plan to provide voters the option in November 2024 to renew Prop 123, with that money being dedicated solely to teacher pay raises, beginning in the summer of 2025. While details are currently being hammered out, the end result should be an increase of approximately $4000 for Arizona K-12 public school teachers-- directly going to them.

"This initiative will allow Arizona to be more competitive in teacher salaries, boosting teacher pay in Arizona above the national average, and making a big increase to starting teacher pay," said Senate President Warren Petersen. "We believe we can continue this dedicated funding source long-term because the fund has already grown exponentially over the last eight years, even during tumultuous economic times."

"Republicans have led the charge in dedicating billions of new dollars to K-12 education, on top of Prop 123 funds and inflationary increases, but unfortunately not enough of those dollars are getting into our classrooms or to our teachers," said Senator Ken Bennett. "Arizona teachers right now make about $56,700, on average. This proposal will increase teacher pay to an average of over $60,000. We can-- and we should-- do better. This is a responsible proposal that won't create a new tax burden for our citizens."

"Unfortunately, too many school boards and district administrators continue to divert valuable funds out of the classroom, effectively starving teachers and students of critically needed resources, which is why we'll incorporate safeguards into the plan guaranteeing these dollars go directly into the wallets of teachers," said Senator Jake Hoffman. "Supporting students and families by making sure every classroom has a well-paid, high-quality teacher is common sense. Arizona's children are one of the most valuable populations within our state. Ensuring they have the best possible educational opportunities and choices is our greatest hope for protecting freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for generations to come."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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