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President Warren Petersen Provides Update on Standing Committee Chairmanships


Thursday, September 28, 2023

President Warren Petersen Provides Update on Standing Committee Chairmanships for Fifty-sixth Legislature, Second Regular Session

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— In response to the resignation of Senator Steve Kaiser and the appointment of Senator Shawnna Bolick, President Warren Petersen is making changes to chairmanships and members of standing committees for the Fifty-sixth Legislature, Second Regular Session. Additionally, in an effort to improve efficiency and maximize member expertise in each committee, the Senate Committee on Commerce is being dissolved. Bills relating to this subject matter will be assigned to the remaining committees.

Committee on Appropriations

Chair- Senator John Kavanagh

Vice Chair- Senator Jake Hoffman

Committee on Education

Chair- Senator Ken Bennett

Vice Chair- Senator Justine Wadsack

(*Senator Bolick replaces Senator Kaiser as member*)

Committee on Elections

Chair- Senator Wendy Rogers

Vice Chair- Senator Ken Bennett

Committee on Director Nominations

Chair- Senator Jake Hoffman

Vice Chair- Senator Sine Kerr

Committee on Government

Chair- Senator Jake Hoffman

Vice Chair- Senator Wendy Rogers

Committee on Finance

Chair- Senator J.D. Mesnard

Vice Chair- Senator Shawnna Bolick

Committee on Health & Human Services

Chair- Senator T.J. Shope

Vice Chair- Senator Janae Shamp

Committee on Judiciary

Chair- Senator Anthony Kern

Vice Chair- Senator John Kavanagh

Committee on Military Affairs, Public Safety, Border Security

Chair- Senator David Gowan

Vice Chair- Senator David Farnsworth

Committee on Natural Resources, Energy, Water

Chair- Senator Sine Kerr

Vice Chair- Senator T.J. Shope

Committee on Transportation & Technology

Chair- Senator David Farnsworth

Vice Chair- Senator Frank Carroll

Committee on Rules

Chair- President Warren Petersen

Vice Chair- Senator Sonny Borrelli


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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