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Governor signs bill establishing regulatory framework for peer-to-peer car sharing in Arizona

Friday, April 9, 2021


Governor signs bill establishing regulatory framework for peer-to-peer car sharing in Arizona

(Phoenix, State Capitol) --- Governor Ducey today signed into law SB 1720, establishing a regulatory framework for the peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace in Arizona.

“After several years of hard work and collaboration, I was proud to sponsor this consensus legislation,” said Senate President Karen Fann. “SB 1720 protects Arizona consumers while striking the right balance in providing sensible parameters for new market entrants without disenfranchising existing industry. This took a lot of effort by many people, and I want to thank Senator David Livingston and Representative Travis Grantham for their hard work over the past two years to get this done.”

The bill, which passed both chambers with strong bipartisan support, establishes necessary guidelines in areas such as insurance, public safety recalls and consumer protection disclosure, while recognizing car sharing as a new business model with unique attributes and needs.

“On behalf of Turo, we applaud President Fann for her leadership and continued efforts to embrace new market entrants that empower everyday Arizonans to share their cars to unlock economic opportunity and build their own entrepreneurial muscles,” said Turo CEO Andre Haddad.

“I would like to thank Senate President Fann, and the members of the legislature of Arizona for bringing stakeholders together to create common sense legislation. I also want to thank Governor Doug Ducey for signing SB 1720. The result is a fair set of rules that respects the interests of car rental customers, car rental providers, vehicle purchasers, and the communities in which we operate,” said Kevin Cooper, GM of Enterprise Leasing Company of Phoenix.

“This legislation importantly provides the Arizona tourism industry with additional revenues while creating new income opportunities during a time of economic recovery in our state,” said President Fann.


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