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Governor Shows Ignorance by Vetoing Bill Passed by Supermajority

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Governor Shows Ignorance by Vetoing Bill Passed by Supermajority

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Senator Anthony Kern (R-27) is expressing heavy disappointment after the Governor vetoed SB 1091 which aimed to support incarcerated individuals transitioning back into society and had broad bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House. This bill would have expanded the types of organizations allowed to provide transitional services to people leaving prison by including noncontracted agencies that meet certain requirements. Some of those services include substance abuse treatment, anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy, parenting skills, and education and job placement.

"Helping to ensure inmates get back on their feet and become productive members of society after their release is massively important," said Senator Kern. "This bill would have really improved the transition process and 70 other lawmakers agreed. Unfortunately, the Governor didn't take the time to fully understand it. In her veto letter, she states the bill would have, 'resulted in less transparency and oversight of services provided to incarcerated people returning to society.' That couldn't be farther from the truth. For a service or program to qualify, it must meet and, in some cases, exceed the requirements established for the contracted services. It's a shame to see yet another strong bipartisan effort get denied."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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