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Extremist Appointed by Hobbs to Influential Judicial Com Resigns Amid Questionable Conduct

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Extremist Appointed by Hobbs to Influential Judicial Com Resigns Amid Questionable Conduct

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— An activist known to frequently campaign for the removal of conservative judges and appointed by Governor Katie Hobbs to an influential judicial commission resigned just days before her confirmation hearing was set to take place this week.

On Tuesday, Hobbs withdrew her nomination of Catherine Sigmon to the Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments, less than four months after naming her to the position. This nonpartisan commission, established by the Arizona Constitution, is tasked with nominating the most highly qualified judge applicants to the Governor for appointment to the Maricopa County Superior Court. The Constitution specifies "merit" should be the Commission's primary consideration when choosing these applicants.

While members of the Senate Judiciary Committee looked into Ms. Sigmon's background prior to her confirmation hearing scheduled for Thursday, disturbing revelations came to light. Those include her co-founding of "Civic Engagement Beyond Voting,” an organization that routinely attacks conservative Arizona judges through its "Gavel Watch Report" and advocates for their removal, despite recommendations of retention from the Commission on Judicial Performance Review. Ms. Sigmon’s organization has campaigned against judges based on written briefs for religious liberty and free speech cases, as well as their memberships with professional associations, strictly because their views don't fall in line with the political ideology favored by her organization. Furthermore, a quick scan of Ms. Sigmon's social media showcased a number of partisan posts mocking current members of the Legislature.

"After reviewing the Constitutional requirements for the Commission on Trial Court Appointments, two big factors jump out at me," said Senate Judiciary Chairman Anthony Kern. "First, the Commission is to be non-partisan. Second, the Commission's primary task is to recommend qualified judge candidates to the Governor for appointment. Based on initial vetting of Ms. Sigmon, it's quite clear she's an extremist who wants to portray the role of 'non-partisan.' Hobbs would have realized this, had she done her own vetting prior to appointing Ms. Sigmon to the Commission. However, as Hobbs has shown, vetting is not at the top of her 'to-do' list. As such, we're thankful that Ms. Sigmon realized she likely would not be a proper fit for the job and resigned. We're looking forward to Hobbs providing us with a more reasonable appointment."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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