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Arizona Won't Tolerate President Biden's Recent Attack Against Charter Schools

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Arizona Won't Tolerate President Biden's Recent Attack Against Charter Schools

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— The Biden Administration is launching an all-out assault on charter schools, in an effort to strengthen one of the Democrat party's biggest donors: teachers' unions. Those who stand to lose are parents that want to have a say in their children's education.

Back in March, President Biden's Education Department proposed new rules written to prevent access to roughly $440 million in federal funding and virtually halt charter schools.

Some of the rules include requiring charter schools to have a "diverse" population, which could disqualify those charters that serve communities of non-white and inner-city kids. A charter school must also prove an "unmet demand," where there's evidence of "over-enrollment of existing public schools." The rules would not take into consideration the long waiting lists of parents who want to enroll their kids in charter schools because they're fed up with a lack of transparency, mask mandates, controversial or inappropriate curriculum, and many other unpopular policies driven by the hyper-politicized teachers' unions.

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools authorized to exercise broader discretion in educational practices than many public schools that are firmly controlled by union rules. Even though these institutions don't reroute public funds from public education, teachers' unions generally oppose them because charter schools expand parents' choices and create competition for traditional public schools.

"There's a high demand for charter schools in Arizona because parents are choosing a high-quality education for their children. We support these institutions that value student success over student diversity quotas. We won't stand for the political games the federal government is playing, all while using our children as pawns. We are exploring what options we have to fight against these reckless rules."


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