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Arizona Senate Republicans Stand in Solidarity with Texas' Efforts to Defend Itself Against Biden's Border Invasion

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Monday, January 29, 2024   


Arizona Senate Republicans Stand in Solidarity

with Texas' Efforts to Defend Itself Against Biden's Border Invasion


PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Arizona Senate Republicans are supporting Texas Governor Greg Abbott in his efforts to defend the southern border from the invasion our nation is enduring at the hands of the Biden Administration and are urging Governor Katie Hobbs to do the same.


Today, Senate President Warren Petersen and House Speaker Ben Toma signed onto a letter with more than two dozen state attorneys general urging Joe Biden and his Department of Homeland Security to either enforce our immigration laws and protect our southern border, or get out of the way so Texas can.


Additionally, Senator Shawnna Bolick is introducing a Senate resolution today, reiterating the Legislature's commitment of support for Texas, calling on Governor Hobbs to do the same, and demanding Joe Biden fulfill his constitutional duty to fight back against the invasion.


"Arizona is overwhelmed from the same dangers brought on by this invasion as Texas. Biden is literally dismantling our nation as we know it, allowing known terrorists and criminals to enter through our southern border with no consequences," said President Petersen. "Since our Attorney General is not pushing back against the lawlessness Biden is promoting by working to destroy the border barriers Governor Abbott has built, the Legislature must speak out and stand in solidarity to support our neighbors," said President Petersen.


"Our law enforcement resources are outnumbered, and our communities are in peril from the millions of people who have entered our country illegally since Biden took office," said Senator Bolick. "These are not just innocent families looking for a better life. We're experiencing numerous horrific crimes on a daily basis, like child sex trafficking, human smuggling, rapes, murders, and deadly fentanyl destroying our communities. We can't sit idly by. I commend Governor Abbott for taking action. Governor Hobbs needs to do the same."


"States must act now or see their communities forever changed by the destruction Biden's open border is causing. This is a matter of national security, and innocent lives are on the line," said Senator Janae Shamp. "In an effort to protect our communities and our citizens from the infiltration of crime, I've introduced the Arizona Border Invasion Act, which mirrors Governor Abbott's efforts to arm local, state, and county law enforcement with the tools they need to defend Arizona. I'm urging the Legislature to support this proposal, as well as our other border related measures, and for the Governor to sign them."



For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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Sara Jampen
Sara Jampen
Jan 30

I have learned some right stuff here. I really like your articles.  

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