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Arizona Senate Republicans Advance Ballot Referral to Ask Voters to Consider Life in Prison for Child Sex Traffickers

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Monday, March 11, 2024 


Arizona Senate Republicans Advance Ballot Referral to

Ask Voters to Consider Life in Prison for Child Sex Traffickers


PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Senate Republicans are continuing their crusade to protect Arizonans from border-related crimes hitting our communities as a result of the invasion caused by the Biden Administration's failure to enforce immigration laws. In an effort to discourage heinous acts of child sex trafficking, SCR 1021 (sex trafficking; child; natural life) passed out of the Senate with full Republican support and now heads to the House for consideration.


Senator Shawnna Bolick sponsored the ballot referral to give voters the opportunity to decide in November whether a criminal who engages in child sex trafficking should face life in prison. The bill targets offenders who are convicted of a class 2 felony and would block eligibility for any form of release.


"I am a mother, wife, and protector of our children. Today, my fellow Republican senators and I took a stand to stop child sex trafficking across Arizona," said Senator Bolick. "Human trafficking is not specific to any age, race, or gender, and it occurs throughout rural, suburban, and urban areas across our Grand Canyon State. With a wide-open southern border and derelict government agencies, cases of human trafficking are on the rise."


According to the Arizona Attorney General's Office, the average age of entry into sex trafficking in Arizona is 14 years old, but there have been numerous cases of children being victimized at a much younger age.


"Republican state lawmakers stand united to send a message to those disgusting animals responsible for stealing our children's innocence-- Arizona's children are our most valuable resource. We would like everyone to know, our children are not for sale. One Arizona child who is victimized is one too many," said Senator Bolick.



For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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Ann Green
Ann Green
Jul 08

Republican state legislators get together to tell the repulsive creatures that prey on our children's innocence that Arizona's youth are our most valuable asset. Happy Wheels


Kennedy Ira
Kennedy Ira
Jun 26

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