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Republicans on Senate Judiciary Committee react to Governor's Appointment of Maricopa County Att

Judiciary Committee Chair Eddie Farnsworth

"For the past decade, Bill Montgomery has been the top defender of justice in Maricopa County. He brings that legal knowledge, experience and temperament to the Arizona Supreme Court, where he will champion the Constitution. It won't take long for Bill to establish himself as a valuable member of the bench and demonstrate that he is a keen legal scholar and a master at jurisprudence."

Judiciary Committee Vice Chair Rick Gray

"The Governor made a good choice in appointing Bill Montgomery for the Arizona Supreme Court. He will be a strong defender of the Constitution and the rule of law."

Judiciary Committee Member Sonny Borrelli

"Bill Montgomery was an outstanding County Attorney and a solid Constitutionalist. I have full confidence that he will uphold the law and protect the rights of the citizens of this great state,"

Judiciary Committee Member Vince Leach

“Bill is a lifelong public servant. He has served honorably and ethically. I am delighted that he will carry his dedication to justice and his sense of fairness to the Arizona Supreme Court.”

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