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Governor signs electric stand-up scooter bill

Governor Ducey today signed SB 1398, a bill that clarifies the difference between miniature electric stand-up scooters and electric stand-up scooters and stipulates that an electric stand-up scooter is subject to the same statutory provisions as a bicycle, unless otherwise regulated by a local authority.

For-rent electric scooters are popping up in nearly every large community across the state. The quick growth of this industry is also causing some confusion that this bill tries to address.

"Our young people are being cited by police officers for riding these scooters, because the officers struggled to determine if it was a privately-owned scooter or one leased on the streets" said Senator Tyler Pace, sponsor of the bill. "SB 1398 allows unified language, a unified description, and unified markings of all the scooters across the state of Arizona so that the companies can comply with city regulations."

"I want to make sure these scooter businesses can thrive, while at the same time helping them conform with each city's ordinance."

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