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Governor signs third election reform bill sponsored by Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita

Governor Ducey today signed SB 1090, which changes how emergency voting centers are implemented in Arizona and establishes that a voter must declare a voting 'emergency'. This bill is one of three election reform bills sponsored by Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita now signed by the Governor.

"We saw quite a bit of frustration over how emergency voting centers were arbitrarily put in place in the last election, especially in Maricopa County," said Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita. "The County Recorder seemed to be making key decisions on his own, with little public input."

"We need to have a deliberative process and be able to hear from the public on how this should work. That's why SB 1090 puts a County Board of Supervisors in charge of these decisions."

SB 1090 also prescribes, before voting at an emergency voting center, a voter must declare a personal voting emergency by signing a statement they are experiencing an emergency preventing them from voting at the polls on election day.

Governor Ducey also signed SB 1072, requiring a voter to present the same proof of identity at an early voting location, that voters approved in Proposition 200 in 2004, for election day voters at polling centers. The third bill signed by Governor Ducey, SB 1054, resolves litigation brought shortly after the 2018 election regarding the number of days allowed to verify a questionable signature. In an effort to provide consistency among the counties they will have no more than five days to verify any questionable signature submitted, a deadline which previously did not exist.

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