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Senate adopts memorial on U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement

The Arizona State Senate Monday unanimously adopted SM 1002, a Memorial urging Congress to ratify the recently negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

The three countries have been a strong free trade area for nearly 25 years, under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Since NAFTA was adopted in 1994, trade with Canada and Mexico has nearly quadrupled to $3.5 billion daily.

"It is vital that our three countries have a strong trade relationship," said SM 1002 sponsor Senator Vince Leach. "For 43 states in the United States, Canada and Mexico are their first or second largest export market. In Arizona alone, more than 280,000 jobs depend on trade and investment from Mexico and Canada."

The recently negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) builds on the successes of NAFTA, bringing more certainty and stability for cross-border business opportunities.

"Our ports of entry have been modernized, our roads near the border are improved, and we've worked hard to continue a strong relationship with our business partners in Mexico," said Senator Leach. "This means our state is well positioned for trade growth, as we transition from NAFTA to USMCA. But that transition can't happen without Congress ratifying the agreement. This Memorial urges our leaders in Washington to do just that." ####

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