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Op-ed: "My lieutenant governor bill is the opposite of political" - Sen. JD. Mesnard

Senator J.D. Mesnard says :

"I was disappointed to read Elvia Diaz's piece ("Asking Arizona voters to create a lieutenant governor post is not political?") where she suggests my SCR 1008, which would allow the voters another opportunity to decide whether to establish the position of lieutenant governor, is politically motivated. She is convinced I am pushing the measure in response to a Democrat, Katie Hobbs, winning the Secretary of State's office in November, thereby being next in line for the governor's office. She said she and "laughed at [my] audacity" in trying to "fool" people by suggesting any other motivation.Ironically, Ms. Diaz correctly notes that the measure would not go into effect until Secretary Hobbs is out of office. The whole purpose of the delayed effective date was to set aside politics. I nixed the last bill when it got partisan."

To read the full op-ed, please copy and paste the following link into your internet browser:

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