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Senator Brophy McGee continues to lead on Arizona education funding

Under the leadership of Senator Kate Brophy McGee, the Arizona legislature passed SB1390 to extend Prop 301, legislation that dedicates more than $600 million annually to Arizona classrooms for an additional 20 years. Following that success, Senator Brophy McGee has formed a new task force of Arizona education and business leaders. The task force, which met yesterday, includes a bi-partisan group of lawmakers from the Senate and House. Leaders from district schools, charter schools, community colleges, universities, education advocacy and the business community attended the meeting in the Arizona Senate.

"Our goal is a sustainable, long term P-20 financing plan, with appropriate and updated priorities, that produces the highly-qualified workforce Arizona demands,” said Senator Brophy McGee. "This meeting is where we start."

The coalition organized working groups to update Prop. 301 allocations and accountability measures for K-12, universities and community colleges. The initial goal is voter protection of Prop 301 following its expiration in 2021, followed by identifying additional levels of funding and funding sources. The intent is to develop a comprehensive plan to refer a consensus ballot measure to the voters in 2020.

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