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Senator Kerr-Communication is Key

It only took one unpleasant experience speaking with individuals at a casual dinner party to realize I needed to make a change in the way I approached socially- and emotionally-charged topics related to agriculture.

Initially, the conversation was amicable with thoughts and ideas freely exchanged. But when I mentioned that conventional and organic milk had the same nutritional value, oh my, did that set one of the guests off on a tirade against conventional farmers. I felt I needed to match her level of hysteria -- and I easily obliged!

Nothing positive was accomplished through that exchange and it left me feeling upset and angry with myself for not maintaining my composure. I missed a fantastic opportunity to at least give some thoughtful, calm insight about how every type of farmer cares for their animals and the quality of the milk they produce.

I decided to get help and get help fast! I needed to only look as far as my Farm Bureau.

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