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Senator Yee Named to GOPAC Legislative Leaders Advisory Board

GOPAC today named Arizona Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Yee one of the members of its 2018 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board. GOPAC is the largest Republican state and local political training organization.

The Board members promote the ideas they are championing by addressing elected officials, candidates and members at GOPAC events and via its digital program. In addition, they nominate a promising state legislator for the Emerging Leaders Program and provide updates on key legislative and political developments. Membership is a one-year term.

Majority Leader Yee herself was named an Emerging Leader by GOPAC in April 2016. As part of that initiative, she has worked with other legislative leaders across the country, policy experts, veteran lawmakers and seasoned political strategists. She also served a term as a member of the 2017 GOPAC Legislative Leaders Advisory Board.

“Members of our 2018 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board will be essential in our efforts to

build a roster of conservatives ready to lead,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

"I am honored to be named to the 2018 GOPAC Legislative Leaders Advisory Board as we continue our efforts to expand our bench of outstanding conservative leaders throughout our country's legislative chambers and prepare them for higher office in their respective states," said Majority Leader Yee.

Senator Yee represents the 20th Legislative District of northwest Phoenix and Glendale.

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