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Senator Smith receives Golden Apple Award

Senator Smith was honored to have been chosen for the Golden Apple Award. The education advocacy group AZ Parents for Education personally delivered the award as a thank you for his continued support for Arizona parents.

Established in 2008, AZ Parents for Education is a group of parents committed to protecting and advocating for Arizona children to ensure they have the tools to be successful in Arizona’s public online schools. The Golden Apple Award is given annually to state legislators who champion for these causes.

“I have always been a proponent of education choice for all parents, whether that school choice is public, charter, private, homeschool or online,” said Senator Smith. “I am honored to be recognized for these efforts and will continue to sponsor and support legislation that upholds this.”

"Senator Smith has been a consistent advocate for families’ right to choose the schools that best fit the needs of their children,” said volunteer president Mara Benson. “We are grateful for Senator Smith's understanding that when it comes to schools, one size does not fit all. He knows that parents need to be empowered so they can make the best decisions for their children."

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