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Statement from Senator Borrelli on his Electronic Bingo Bill

"As a longtime advocate for small business, I am consistently looking for new opportunities to promote and sustain small businesses throughout my district and Arizona. I saw one opportunity for this when I was approached by constituents with a creative idea for generating new revenue streams for the Department of Public Safety and at the same time investing in early childhood literacy.

These two constituents, a bar owner and a retired professional from the gaming industry, told me that in the State of Arizona, bingo is a Class II game and has been legal since the 1950s, but until recently was never available in communities throughout the state outside of fraternal organizations.

With hundreds of communities across Arizona and thousands of small businesses consistently looking for new ways to drive traffic to their establishments, expanding electronic bingo is an exciting way to accomplish the goals of supporting small business, protecting the Department of Public Safety and generating new funds for early childhood literacy. That’s why I have introduced SB1312, the Electronic Bingo bill."

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