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Debunking the myths against tort reform

Al Melvin Special To The Arizona Daily Star

It couldn’t have been a surprise for your readers to read an op-ed written by a liberal Democrat candidate and an attorney, claiming that tort reform doesn’t work (“Perceived benefits of tort reform vanish upon examination, so don’t believe lies” by Jo Holt and Grant Winston, May 26).

After all, the modern Democratic Party’s reliance on funding from trial lawyers is legendary. And those trial lawyers rely on abusive malpractice lawsuits to keep themselves in tailored suits sitting at the finest tables at the most expensive fundraisers for liberal politicians like Holt. But what is the point of writing an op-ed so easily debunked by anyone who knows how to use the Internet and any search engine?

Doing so shows a study by some professors – who themselves are linked to trial lawyers – who looked at only a portion of Texas’ health care system to try and debunk the success of tort reform. That same search also shows a truckload of evidence and statistics to show that tort reform has worked exactly as promised.

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