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Senator Ward unveils school choice bill

At a news conference Thursday morning Senator Kelli Ward unveiled her bill that would inform parents of all the school choice options the state has to offer. Arizona is at the forefront of school choice options, and Senator Ward’s bill would fill the “knowledge gap” that prevents families from exploring their education options.

As a mom with three kids still in school, assuring quality education is one of Senator Ward’s primary goals. “The resources are there, but a lack of information prevents parents from taking advantage of them,” says Senator Ward.

Senator Ward was joined by other legislators who support the bill, including Senator Al Melvin. Also in attendance was Jonathan Butcher from the Goldwater Institute. He remarked, “Arizona’s school choice programs afford parents the opportunity to give their child a tailored education that best fits their needs, but many parents still don’t know their options.”

Senator Ward’s bill would address this problem by providing an informative guide that would educate parents about the school choices available to them.

This bill would be funded directly from federal money, and therefore would not impact the state’s general fund.

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