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A proper tribute to our veterans in Anthem

Senator Klein’s Veterans’ Memorial Resolution advances in Senate.

Throughout the state of Arizona stand a variety of monuments honoring those who have offered the greatest sacrifice to the United States of America. Now, Anthem has its own monument, and State Senator Lori Klein is sponsoring a resolution to pay tribute to the service of the veterans of Anthem and the State of Arizona. Today the Committee on Veterans, Military and Government Affairs passed SCR 1010 unanimously.

In 2009 Rear Admiral Ron Tucker and artistic director Renee Palmer-Jones partnered to bring to the city of Anthema memorial commemorating America’s veterans. The memorial includes five marble pillars representing the five branches of the United States military –the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. In addition, the monument was designed so that at exactly 11:11 a.m. on November 11th it casts one long shadow across pavers that bear the names of Arizona veterans. Each pillar also has an elliptical opening allowing for sunlight to pass through and highlight the seal of the United States.

Senator Klein, a Republican from Anthem, is sponsoring SCR 1010, which would recognize the Anthem memorial as an outstanding tribute to our nation’s veterans. The resolution also designates the Anthem Veterans’ Memorial as a state historical site.

“Anthem is a relatively new community in Arizona and has no memorial for our veterans. This monument is a fitting tribute to the sacrifice and dedication of our country’s brave men and women of the military,” says Senator Klein.

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