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Mathis’ unconstitutional acts continue even after removal from office

The chair of the Independent Redistricting Commission has been removed from office, but her unconstitutional acts are still affecting the work of the Commission.

The IRC is in gridlock because Colleen Mathis made the head-scratching suggestion to select two vice-chairs for the Commission. That is a blatant violation of the Arizona Constitution. Article 4 Part 2 of the Constitution reads:

The five commissioners shall then select by majority vote one of their members to serve as vice-chair.

At the time of the vote to select two vice-chairs, the IRC was made aware of the unconstitutional decision, and Ms. Mathis chose to ignore advice to follow the Constitution. Not only was this unconstitutional, but Mathis’ act has had the predictable impact on the IRC. With two vice-chairs, it will be almost impossible for the IRC to act on anything.

The Governor and Senate realized evidence was overwhelming that Ms. Mathis had committed “gross misconduct” and “substantial neglect of duty”. What they perhaps didn’t realize was the impact her unconstitutional reign would have even after she left the IRC.

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