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Senator Griffin to Host Public Hearing on Southern Arizona Fires and Forest Management

A number of state legislators will be making the trip to Hereford this Saturday, for a public hearing on Southern Arizona Fires and Forest Management. The hearing will be hosted by District 25 Senator Gail Griffin.

Senator Griffin is a member of the Senate Ad Hoc Task Force on Forest Management. The Chair of that Task Force, Senator Sylvia Allen, is expected to be at the Hereford hearing. Other members of the Task Force are Senator Frank Antenori, Senator John Nelson, Senator Steve Pierce and Senator Steve Smith. House Members Representative David Stevens, Representative Peggy Judd and Representative David Gowan are all expected to attend.

The lawmakers and special guests will have the latest on the three major fires that burned in Southern Arizona. They will update residents on recent flooding made worse by the fires, and talk about potential policies that can help prevent these major fires in the future.

“The impacts of these fires on rural communities are immense. Not just the destruction of homes, businesses and property but also to people’s lives and livelihoods. The destruction and flooding that is occurring because of the fires have put extra stress on individuals and families. The beautiful views and landscapes have turned into moonscapes in places. The forage, habitats and animals are gone and may never return. We need to work together to find policies and solutions that work for the people in Southern Arizona,” says Sen. Griffin.

The meeting is this Saturday, September 17, at 10 a.m. at Valley View School, 6849 E. Highway 92 in Hereford.

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