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New Senate Leadership

Senate Republicans announced new leadership after a post-election organizational meeting. Sen. Russell Pearce of Mesa will be President, Scott Bundgaard will be the Majority Leader and Sen. Steve Pierce of Prescott will remain as Majority Whip.

“We will govern from the people up, not the top down. This will be the most pro-freedom, pro-business, pro-family, pro-states’rights Senate we have ever had. The Number One Priority will be jobs,” says Sen. Pearce.

“This team will pull together a Majority Program that reinvigorates our economy, creates jobs and reforms our government,” says Bundgaard.

“Our focus will be the economy. We need to get this financial house in order,” says Sen. Pierce.

New leadership will be effective at the start of the next term in January, for what will be the 50th Legislature.

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