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Arizona Education Statistics

In a comparison of statistics, the National Education Assocaion (NEA) and the Arizona Tax Research Assocaiton (ATRA), effectively demonstrate that the minimal correlation between class size and student achievement inf Arizona’s education system.

Assuming we take at face value the numbers stated in the NEA study, Arizona Ranks near the bottom in per pupil spending. (NEA Ranking pg 85)

Not surprisingly, Arizona ranks as having one of the highest student-to-teacher ratios (aka class sizes). These two statistics directly correlate, since class size accounts for the bulk of Per Pupil Spending. (NEA Ranking pg 17)

If the goal is NOT to simply spend more money for the sake of it, but to enhance educational achievement, the question becomes, then, whether or not class size affects student outcomes. Studies would indicate it does not.

There appears to be little if any correlation between class size and student achievement, or at least little difference within the spectrum of current average class sizes between states. (NAEP scores per ATRA study)– See diagrams below.

Removing class size as a factor (which can be roughly approximated by multiplying per pupil spending by average class size), Arizona ranks in the middle of the states. (ATRA study)

Figures 3.1 and 3.2 from ALEC’s 2007 Report Card on American Education:

These figures show no correlation between average class size and student achievement on standardized tests.

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