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Statement from Senate President Fann on shooting of federal security officer

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Statement from Senate President Fann and the Senate Republican Caucus on shooting of federal security officer

"We are waking up this morning to the news that a federal security officer shot in downtown Phoenix yesterday is not seriously wounded and should make a full recovery. That is certainly welcome news to what could have been a serious tragedy.

This incident is just the latest in a number of attacks on our men and women in law enforcement. In southern California, authorities are still searching for the person responsible for the ambush of two Los Angeles County deputies over the weekend. These deputies were simply in their vehicle doing their job when the suspect walked up and opened fire.

We cannot pretend to think that the recent protests against police across the country are not having an impact, either directly or indirectly. Now more than ever, we ask Arizonans to condemn these calls for defunding the police. The brave people who put on the uniform have an already difficult job, facing life or death decisions while protecting our communities. We thank them for their service and pray for the full recovery of this officer."


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Paul Hartman

The longer you all let everything that is going on continue to happen like it's some kind of "new normal" the more of this kind of crap is going to happen. You all need to grow a spine and shut down BLM. That means cutting off funding for ASU until they denounce it! It is a marxist group after all or does that not matter to any of you!

Also, tell ducey to stop playing god and open the state! This virus is nothing to the vast majority of people! However, the lock down is killing people. I hate to imagine what the generation of kids is going to be like in 20yrs because of the irrational fears that …

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