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Senator Brophy McGee teams up with Councilwoman Deb Stark for COVID-19 first responders

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Senator Brophy McGee teams up with Councilwoman Deb Stark

for COVID-19 first responders

(State Capitol, Phoenix) – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has taken a toll on every single person around the world. We are experiencing an unusual time that has influenced all aspects of our lives. It is clear our first responders, our police, fire and front-line healthcare workers, are deeply impacted. Senator Kate Brophy McGee values them and wanted to do something to show her appreciation for all they do.

"We all appreciate the first responders who have stepped up during this crisis. They are risking everything to protect us every day," said Senator Brophy McGee. "That is why I was so happy to team up with Phoenix City Councilwoman Debra Stark on her wonderful idea to show them our respect and gratitude."

For the past two weekends, in partnership with local restaurants Aioli Gourmet Burgers & Modern Tortilla & Oak Wood-Fire Pizza, Senator Brophy McGee, Councilwoman Stark and neighborhood leaders have distributed lunches to various police and fire stations in their districts.

“We are working to build more partnerships to continue deliveries for front line responders, including front-line healthcare workers at John C. Lincoln Hospital," said Councilwoman Stark.

The plan to deliver lunches to our COVID 19 first responders inspired the idea to create a fund to collect donations for the cost of the meals, in partnership with local restaurants. A Go Fund Me account has been opened and donations are being accepted. Councilwoman Stark and Senator Brophy McGee kicked it off with personal donations to pay for meals delivered the past two weekends to fire and police stations. The goal is to come together and provide meals through the duration of the crisis for weekly distribution to Police and Fire stations and hospitals located in Phoenix Council District 3 and Legislative District 28.

If you are interested in being a part of this noble project, please visit the link:


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