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Senator Brophy McGee provides options to assure Arizonans’ access to health insurance

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


(State Capitol, Phoenix) – Senator Kate Brophy McGee is calling on the Arizona delegation and providing options to ensure citizens have access to affordable health insurance during Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

"I am pleased to see the bipartisanship and the rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis," said Senator Kate Brophy McGee in her letter addressed to each member of the Arizona delegation today. " I offer the following recommendations, based on legislation I sponsored in 2018:

1. Support for COBRA Coverage: Congress should establish a 90% cost sharing subsidy for displaced workers to pay for COBRA through the rest of the year or until the economy stabilizes. This will provide affordable continuity of coverage for the thousands of unemployed Arizonans. The cost sharing support needs to apply to all employers especially employees covered by Arizona's Mini-COBRA Program. Arizona's Mini-COBRA coverage is based on legislation I sponsored which provides employees of small business access to COBRA benefits.

2. Keeping Premiums Affordable: Congress should establish a temporary, emergency risk mitigation program to ensure that health care premiums do not spike, and that the benefits remain stable in the future. As we move into 2021, health insurers will reset their premium rates to take into account the COVID-19 crisis. Without a risk mitigation program 2021 premiums will spike just as many Arizonans and employees are least able to cover the costs. The risk mitigation program will help to keep insurance affordable as Arizona emerges from the crisis.

"It is crucial that we protect our citizens, including those who have lost their jobs, and provide them or continue their affordable health insurance," said Senator Brophy McGee. "I am looking forward to the continued bipartisan federal and state collaboration to address this devastating crisis."


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