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Senate Republicans Champion Bipartisan Proposition 400 Transportation Funding Plan


Monday, June 31, 2023

Senate Republicans Champion Bipartisan Proposition 400

Transportation Funding Plan

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— After several weeks of renewed good-faith negotiations between the Senate, House and Governor's Office, Senate Republicans are happy to announce a modified proposal for an extension of Proposition 400 in SB 1102 (transportation excise tax; Maricopa County) passed both chambers of the Legislature today with bipartisan support and was transmitted to the Governor to sign.

The half-cent sales tax to fund major transportation projects in Maricopa County has been in place since 1985, when voters approved a ballot measure vetted, supported and referred by the Legislature. In November 2004, voters approved an extension of Proposition 400 for 20 years, which ends on December 31, 2025. So long as the Governor signs SB 1102, voters will have the final say on whether to extend the tax.

"This latest 20-year Prop. 400 extension prioritizes maintenance and expansion of the critical highways and roads relied upon each day throughout Maricopa County for travel to work and school, as well as for tourism and commerce," said Senate President Warren Petersen. "The proposal also ensures any road projects funded by these dollars will be aimed at decreasing vehicle congestion and travel times, not unattainable environmental goals established by the radical left."

"The $24 billion plan now has realistic guardrails in place to make certain taxpayer funds are used to fulfill the needs of our taxpayers and not of special interest groups or bureaucrats," said Senator David Farnsworth, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Transportation & Technology. "Cities with bus lines not being routinely used by our citizens will not continue to receive Prop. 400 funds. Additionally, there will be no expansion of the wildly unpopular light rail within Maricopa County using Prop. 400 monies. Furthermore, any projects for walkers, runners, cyclists or our disabled community must be adjacent to streets or roadways, and not alongside freeways or highways."

"It's important to note any Prop. 400 funding used to meet federal air quality requirements can only be spent to pave unpaved roads and purchase street sweepers," said Senator Frank Carroll, Vice-chairman of the Senate Committee on Transportation & Technology. "Additionally, cities, towns and the state may not restrict the use or sale of a vehicle based on its energy source. Furthermore, mass transit must recoup at least 10% of costs from farebox revenues, starting in 2027, rising to 20% by 2031."

Funding Allocations of SB 1102

· Freeways & Highways: 40.5% ($820 million to $2 billion transferred from transit to


· Transit: 37%

· Roads & Intersections: 22.5%

· Light rail expansion: 0%


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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