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Senate and House Approve $33 Million Investment for Major Southern Arizona Transportation Project


Friday, June 24, 2022

Arizona Senate and House Approve $33 Million Investment for Major Southern Arizona Transportation Project

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— With the passage of SB 1490, championed by Sen. Lisa Otondo (D-4), huge upgrades are coming to an important thoroughfare in southern Arizona. Both the House and Senate approved a $33 million dollar investment for Cesar Chavez Boulevard in the City of San Luis. This five-mile-long stretch is the only east-west connector between the ports of entry for Mexico and Arizona, serving both residents, tourists, and commerce.

Right now, there is just one-lane in each direction, and it's used as an access point to eight schools, but it lacks sidewalks and bike lanes, creating a dangerous situation for students. San Luis Police are known to dedicate entire shifts to directing traffic, leaving the rest of the city without enforcement.

Furthermore, commercial truck use of Cesar Chavez Boulevard has skyrocketed. In 2021, San Luis saw a nearly 20% increase in this type of traffic, making it the fastest growing port on the Mexico border. Trends continue to indicate double-digit increases for 2022 and beyond.

It's estimated that last year, a total of 2.81 million vehicles used Cesar Chavez Boulevard, along with 1.87 million pedestrians. In addition, tourists from Mexico that use this route are estimated to spend up to $9 million per day in Arizona, and this represents as much as 70% of local sales tax in the City of San Luis.

Money appropriated will increase northbound primary car lanes from eight to 16. It will also redirect southbound traffic to eliminate pedestrians crossing through multiple lanes of cars. Additionally, Mexico is planning a dramatic increase in the number of entry lanes, from three to potentially 10. This project should start in 2023 and finish in 2026.

"We want to thank Senator Lisa Otondo for advocating for this important project for Yuma County," said Senate President Karen Fann (R-1). "Without her leadership, the resources allocated to make these important upgrades may not have materialized. The City of San Luis is critical to our economy, and the safety of the residents who use Cesar Chavez Boulevard are of our utmost concern. We're looking forward to seeing the fruits of her labor with the completion of this project."


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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