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Legislative leaders discuss possible special session

A judge today ruled that the governor has, quote, “wide latitude” in making such decisions during emergency situations. But that latitude is being questioned by some state lawmakers, a few of whom would like to see a special session to rein in the governor’s executive authority. We talk about that and the likelihood of even having a special session with Arizona Senate President, Karen Fann and Arizona House Speaker, Rusty Bowers.

These orders come after Gov. Ducey’s June 29th executive order which shut down gyms, bars, water parks, movie theatres, and others.

“There could always be better communication,” said Bowers. Going on he said they would just like to know ahead of time how they can prepare. While also making sure their constituents are in the loop.

Both members of the Arizona Legislature would like to see such change going forward.

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Paul Hartman
Jul 10, 2020

Please, do something about Gov. Ducey. The virus, while still relevant, is not near as deadly as almost any of the past viruses. These shut downs and talk of school closures are doing way more harm than good. My kids are grown and no grand kids, thank God, but I have a friend that has a son going into the 6th grade and he is so scared he doesn't want to go to school! What's going to happen if they do open the schools and little Susie coughs? The whole classroom is going to think they're going to die!!!The damage might already be irreversible to our kids. The best and only chance we have to get out of this nig…

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