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Governor's Veto of Bill Aimed at Protecting Children from Racist Instruction is a Slap in the Face

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, March 9, 2023

Governor's Veto of Bill Aimed at Protecting Children from Racist Instruction is a Slap in the Face to Parents

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Senator J.D. Mesnard is expressing disappointment and concern after Governor Hobbs today vetoed a bill that would have prohibited racist instruction from infiltrating our K-12 public schools.

"I'm deeply disheartened by Governor Hobbs' choice to condone these discriminatory teachings our kids are being exposed to, by vetoing my bill. As lawmakers, we are called to protect the vulnerable, including impressionable and innocent kids. Her action today is a slap in the face to parents who came forward with serious concerns about the racism being taught in their children's classrooms," said Senator Mesnard."Contrary to Governor Hobbs' accusation in her veto letter that we are notworking on "real issues," Senate Republicans have so far passed a budget that would have provided assurance that schools, public safety, health services, child welfare services, transportation, and other government functions would not shut down come July 1. We've passed a rental tax

cut that would have provided much needed relief to our citizens struggling with housing affordability and crippling inflation. In fact, within the first two months of session, the Senate has passed more than 200 bills addressing a variety of issues important to the people of Arizona. We certainly have proven we know how to multitask, but unfortunately, we're working with a Governor who is playing political games with lives and livelihoods."

SB1305 (race; ethnicity; prohibited instruction), sponsored by Senator Mesnard, would have ensured schools are not teaching racist curriculum, like "critical race theory," to our Arizona children. More specifically, the bill would have prohibited instruction that includes the following:

  • judging an individual on the basis of race or ethnicity

  • that one race or ethnic group is inherently morally or intellectually superior to another race or ethnic group

  • that an individual, by virtue of the individual's race or ethnicity, is inherently racist or oppressive, consciously or unconsciously

  • that an individual should be invidiously discriminated against or receive adverse treatment because of the individual's race or ethnicity

  • that an individual's moral character is determined by race or ethnicity

  • that an individual bears responsibility or blame for actions committed by other members of the same race or ethnic group

  • that academic achievement, meritocracy, or traits like hard work ethic are racist, or created by members of a particular race or ethnic group to oppress members of another race or ethnic group.

This bill simultaneously makes it clear that teaching about real historical events, including instances of racial hatred or discrimination such as slavery and Jim Crow, are perfectly acceptable topics of instruction.


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero

Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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