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Destructive Policies From the Biden Administration Put Americans in Danger Amid Israel Attacks


Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Destructive Policies From the Biden Administration Put Americans in Danger Amid Ongoing Israel Attacks

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— Surprise attacks on Israel began on October 7, 2023, resulting in the deaths of more than 1000 people and rising. As Israel faces relentless rocket assaults and threats to its security, it is imperative that the United States maintains unwavering support for our ally in the Middle East.

"The Biden Administration's foreign policies have enabled and encouraged our enemies to act out aggressively against our allies," said Senator Carroll. "Democrats at the federal level have been denying the obvious about the intentions of dictators and terrorists. They've subjected our nation to destructive energy policies in the name of 'climate change,' as well as skyrocketing inflation and federal debt that is destroying the middle-class economy. Additionally, their open border policies have weakened the USA in protecting citizens against potential terrorist attacks. Porous borders have most likely aided Iran, China, and Russia to set up their agents inside our country."

"Arizonans should pray for our ally Israel, the lives lost and those in harm's way. We also need to be vigilant in these trying times," said Senator Carroll. "To predict the future, one only needs to understand the past. The 20th century is rich in history about events that led up to the midcentury global conflict. Here we go again. It should be clear where this is heading. God help us."

Senator Carroll is a steadfast advocate for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. He strongly condemns the heinous attacks on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas. Although the situation is highly complex, with underlying political, historical, and social factors at play, acts of terrorism have no place nor excuse. The Senator urges the citizens of Arizona to stay vigilant within their own communities and to pray for Israel with what's to come.

### For more information, contact: Kim Quintero Director of Communications | Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

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