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COVID-19 Delta variant brings new attention to off-label use of medicine

Thursday, August 5, 2021


COVID-19 Delta variant brings new attention

to off-label use of medicine

(Phoenix, State Capitol) --- With COVID-19 cases rising in the past month, a bill passed in the recent legislative session is getting new attention. SB 1416, sponsored by Senate Health & Human Services Committee Chair Nancy Barto protects the off-label use of medications during a public health emergency. Off-label prescribing is when a physician prescribes a drug that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved to treat a different condition.

Roughly one in five prescriptions are written for an off-label use, whether it's a medication used for a condition that is not approved to treat, or a medication is dosed differently.

"We know how important early treatment and prevention is in healthcare,” said Senator Barto. “Expanding access to certain off-label medications during a pandemic can be life-saving in this fight, and physicians need every tool in the toolbox to appropriately treat patients without fear of losing their licenses.”

“What is not widely known yet is the decision by Governor Ducey to rescind Executive Order 2020-20 in early July,” said Barto. "That action lifted restrictions on the filling of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. These drugs are widely available and affordable. It makes sense for Arizonans to have access to off-label uses, after consulting with their health professional."

Arizona has been a leader in off-label use. In 2017, Arizona became the first state to allow pharmaceutical companies to communicate off-label treatment uses to health professionals and SB 1416 extends Arizona’s Free Speech and Practice Act protections to health professionals passed in 2016 (SB 1445).


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Jack Mayer
Jack Mayer
05 de out. de 2022

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21 de set. de 2021

This was months of research for me. I hope this helps explain why the Government/Big Pharma/CDC/FDA/WHO are pushing mandates. As of Jan 1st COVID cases will drop like a rock because of the new test being released. The MSM cover up narrative will be "It's because everyone got the gene therapy jab"......Not true. It's because the test won't hit on the flu or the common cold anymore. Think about it, where did the flu go? In Arizona right now the 5 year average is supposed to be well over 26k cases. Guess what, it's only 1,156, that is a 300% decrease. Don't even try maskplain either. When a Flu/COVID droplet is caught inside or outside of a mask the droplet…


10 de ago. de 2021

Can anyone tell me what new test was issued that detects the variants....? Delta? Epsilon? Iota? etc.....

Was there a special check box added with a sharpie?


Paul Hartman
05 de ago. de 2021

Why not take it a step further and explain why the experimental "vaccine" is not only not necessary but may not even be legal. Vaccines are NOT to be developed for something that already has a treatment. We have two such treatments and they are both proven safe and effective when used prophylactically and in treating people with covid. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Call a press conference and tell people to quit worrying about a virus that has an extremely high recovery rate, without treatment, and can almost be eradicated by the use of these two very cheap drugs. Also, it is a fact that healthy levels of vitamin D can be enough to ward off covid. Quit playing n…

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